Why Buy Kids Luggage on Wheels?

When travelling with the family, the less heavy bags and suitcases there are to carry the easier and more enjoyable the journey becomes. As parents we don’t help our health by lugging around our cases along with the kids backpacks, which are uncomfortable to carry and often heavily loaded.

Rolling suitcases for adults have existed rolling backpack for kids for many years now and have become a popular choice for most travellers, so why not the same for kids? Kids from about the age of 3 years want to be more grown up and carry their own bags, except they’re so awkward and heavy that mum or dad will end up carry it along with everything else!

Kids luggage on wheels is the answer to many parent/toddler travel issues. Children’s luggage that is sized for children and their requirements. A comfortable, durable and rolling suitcase that comes with a multi purpose shoulder strap for easy carrying and smooth rolling wheels to push and pull kids around on. Available in a range of animal designs complete with horns for your child to hold on to, the “Trunki” suitcase is a lightweight ride-on suitcase for kids and toddlers.

Kids and toddlers can pull along or ride on the “Trunki” until tired when their parents can pull them around. These suitcases are ideal for airports, for the journey from gate to gate, for the long queues at check-in and to relieve their boredom while waiting to board the plane. Having their own luggage relieves the burden on parents and gives kids a sense of responsibility and leaves a lot more room in mum and dads bags for their things!

So not just a suitcase but a toy as well, a place to keep all their bits, their favourite toys or books to keep them occupied on a journey. A large enough space to store a pillow or favourite blanket for a sleep on a long flight or train ride.

The one complaint about the “Trunki”, if you really had to find one and if you were really picky, would be that there is no outside compartments, you can’t just quickly grab a book or a toy, everything is contained within the body of the suitcase, but is this really an issue? It takes a few seconds to open it and take something out, just don’t give your child their passport or any really important documents to carry!!

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