May 31, 2023

How many times have you… been offered free money, free
tournaments, and 100% matching bonuses to open a poker
account online.

You may see these promotions and think, “How is this

It is happening and it is real. Poker sites new and old are
pulling out all the stops in an effort to secure your

Competition is fierce and you can expect the heat to be
turned up even more as poker brands scramble for their piece
of the pie.

Huge prize freerolls and monstrous bonuses will continue and
increase as long as industry growth continues to pull in
gaming entrepreneurs.

The amount of money behind some of these poker sites,
including new ones, is incredible.

These tournament oppurtunities can be life changers. Someone
has to win them. Why not you?

We are taking advantage of every tournament oppurtunity the
internet has to offer and you should be too.

Many people are hesitant as they feel their game isn’t where
it ought to be and cannot effectively compete.

Let me assure you that online tournament play is as level a
playing field as exists in any poker format.

Besides, free tournaments with money prizes attached are a
far superior learning ground than play money sites.

Despite what you may have heard, play money sites are far
more likely to hurt your game than help. I would really
forget about trying to hone your poker skills in a play
money venue.

Tournaments offering money prizes tend to attract serious
minded players that can help BONANZAJP  elevate your game.

Play money, to a great extent offers a good amount of
frivolous and foolish play that can only infect your game.
You have the people who can’t wait to go all in after having
seen their first poker program.
Then there is the group that play every hand.
Any ace and any two suited is another favorite chasing
You are just not going to accomplish anything in this kind
of environment, except to pick up some very bad habits.

In tournaments you will observe patient and disciplined
play. Tournament players are just as concerned about
surviving as they are of advancing to the final table.
They know that playing like a wild man is only going to
produce an early exit.

Although a great many of us enjoy the excitement of cash
ring games, many feel the real thrills come from
Regardless, the poker wars are being waged on the tournament
playing field. This is where you will find exciting
financial oppurtunity and gain with no downside.

As long as they are giving it away, why not get involved?
It’s Free!


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