Creating a Custom Product Box for Your Brand

So, you’re in the final stages of your new product design. You’ve come up with a name for your product, and have started manufacturing. You are adding the finishing touches and working out tweaks. You’re just about ready to bring your new item to market; while in the middle of your excitement and anticipation, you are interrupted by a thought. You don’t have anything to put your product in!

So you ponder about ideas for storage for your new masterpiece. There are a couple of different avenues you could take depending on the size, shape, and amount of item that you have. Other key parts that will play a key part in what type of package you’ll need will be the location you’re selling your item at (for example large department stores vs. locally owned) as well as whether you’re selling in a store or online.

Let’s say for example you’re selling handmade owl earrings. We can refer to the aforementioned criterion to define our box. These earrings where can i buy large gift boxes are likely to be small enough to fit inside a small cardboard 2 ½” x 1 ½” jewelry box. While they have a unique shape, we won’t have to worry too much about it because they are small items. Because they’re handcrafted we can go ahead and assume that there will not be a large amount manufactured. The small supply would indicate that these will likely be sold at local jewelry stores. These stores will likely have your jewelry in some larger glass display case with the earrings face up for consumer viewing. So from this equation, we know we will need a small cardboard box, with a small cotton insert for padding. Items similar to this one are unlikely to have a full-scale brand and logo design for fitting so that a plain white box will do the job just fine.

However, let’s say that you work for the company Nike and you have just manufactured the newest model of SB sneakers. These sneakers are going to be mass manufactured, and sold across the United States. Packaging for these shoes will be much more detailed than the owl earrings. They are likely to be sold in chain department stores rather than small local businesses. This means that they will be put alongside other competing brands inside the same store-your shoes will have to stick out. Bright, vibrant colors will do good for this. Including on your box as well should be your logo-the Nike swoosh-and possibly a label as well depending on how the company would like to market them. Finally, bold lettering is going to make your product easily visible to any passerby.

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