Is There a Safety Issue With Free Online Classified Ads?

If you are old enough to remember life as an adult before the internet, you have observed the fast-moving whirlwind surrounding the age of technology. Not that long ago, classified advertising was only available in the now almost obsolete newspaper delivered to your door, rain or shine. It was not unusual to taste a little ink with your toast, as you enjoyed your breakfast.

Well, free online classified ads have sure altered that  free classified ads posting sites   picture. You probably get to eat that toast without the ink, sitting in front of your computer, checking out listings in one of many sites online; if you use your favorite search engine you will be amazed at how many places allow you to advertise, at no cost.

One issue that seems to stop some from using free online classifieds is that of safety, from the viewpoint of placing ads or answering them. For some, probably inspired mostly by hyped-up news stories, the internet can be a very dangerous arena. Yes, things do happen with security and identity via the internet, but those incidences used to happen before, and still happen outside of, cyberspace.

If you are the one running the ad, just remember to use caution with those who respond. Whether through email or telephone, limit how much information you offer. If local, it is probably best to meet them outside of your home. If they need to come to there, common sense is always the best policy, but that was an issue even before the internet. Keep in mind the internet is not the problem, people with questionable intentions are. Running free classified ads online is such a money saver, and you can reach a huge audience, whether you are promoting a recliner, a car, or even a business.

If you are answering an ad online, common sense is still the rule. Again, limit your information until you are sure of the situation, especially any banking data. Meeting face to face is usually the best solution. Make sure you meet in a public place, and it is a good idea to take a friend. Again, any issues of safety could have happen way before the internet, so don’t let news stories convince you big, bad cyberspace is the culprit. Be open to using this type of advertising with all of its benefits.

What has always been true still is, people with questionable intentions and a lack of common sense are the real culprits, not the internet. Your biggest problem might be eating your breakfast near your computer. Be careful not to get butter or crumbs on the keyboard.

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