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5 Things You Should Know About Tutors

There are many aspects to being a tutor that many people probably do not think about. Most people believe a tutor is just a teacher working a little extra to make some money. That may be true of some tutors, but others take extra steps, such as keeping in touch with parents several times a month, contacting teachers of the students to get their input as to the areas that need to be worked on, and just an overall caring for the student and his/her academic work and family. However, there are some things that seem to be missed or not considered about the tutor and tutoring.

The first is that anyone and everyone who is a current student can benefit from having a tutor. The student does not have to be falling behind or failing a class to need a tutor. In fact, it is well before that point that a tutor should be enlisted to help. From the beginning of the class is even better. Why? Because tutors can help the student overcome hurdles and stepping stones and make sure that the student understands the concept completely. In fact, a tutor can be the difference between a “B” and an “A” as the final class grade.

Individualized tutoring focuses only on you the student. Unlike classrooms, the tutor is devoting their time just to the student. There is no one else. She/he gives the student the individualization that is unavailable in the classroom and will continue working with the student on a problem or concept until that student understands the concept completely.

Tutors are educationally well rounded. While many tutors focus on certain areas of expertise, this does not mean that they do not understand other area. What it means is they are the most comfortable in the areas they tutor. Many tutors hold college degrees, and to get those degrees a wide range of classes must be completed and passed. So a math tutor probably has a degree that is heavy into math and logic, while a reading or writing tutor will probably have a degree in English.

Tutors care about their students. Many tutors enjoy their work and truly care about the academic career, even if it is only starting out, of their students. They love the excitement the student feels while being tutored. They love the moment the light comes on and the student grasps a hard concept and sometimes even 學鋼琴  squeals with excitement. For many tutors this is the best part of the job.

The last thing one should remember is that the tutor is human. While tutors know many answers, sometimes they get stumped too. This does not mean they can’t help. This means that they will go the extra mile to understand or find the information and pass it along to their students. So keep in mind, that if you give the tutor what you want to focus on for the next session, she/he will have made sure they understand it, and will be able to help the student understand.

Tutors work well more than most people. For the tutor must prep before each session which usually take between 1-3 hours depending on the level of the student, the subject, and the length of the tutoring session. They do not just show up to the session unprepared. They work hard for the student and expect the student to work hard for them. It is a partnership that has no bad endings. With hard work and patience, on both parts, the relationship can be academically rewarding to the student, and rewarding to the tutor as well.


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